útržky poezie IX.


Above The Clouds.  And can this be my own world? ‘Tis all gold and snow, Save where scarlet waves are hurled Down yon gulf below. ‘Tis thy world, ’tis my world, City, mead, and shore, For ... Celý článek

útržky poezie VIII.


Days I enjoy Days I enjoy are days when nothing happens, When I have no engagements written on my block, When no one comes to disturb my inward peace, When no one comes to take me ... Celý článek

útržky poezie VII.


My God, thy suppliant hear: Afford a gentle ear: For I am comfortless, And labour in distress. Thy servant, Lord, defend, Whose hopes on Thee depend: From wasting sorrow free The heart long vowed to Thee. ... Celý článek

útržky poezie VI.


Leves Amores Your kisses, and the way you curl, Delicious and distracting girl, Into one’s arms, and round about, Inextricably in and out, Twining luxuriously, as twine The clasping tangles of the vine; So loving to ... Celý článek

útržky poezie V.


Love is Not All (Sonnet XXX) Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain; Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink And rise and ... Celý článek

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