útržky poezie XIV.


Particle Poems: 3 Three particles lived in mystical union. They made knife, fork, and spoon, and earth, sea, and sky. They made animal, vegetable, and mineral, and faith, hope, and charity. They made stop, caution, go, ... Celý článek

útržky poezie XIII.


Secret A hidden self rebels, its slumber broken; Love, secret as crystal, forms in the spirit’s womb; The heart as faithfully beats, its vow unspoken;                 All things to ... Celý článek

útržky poezie XII.


Freedom  I will not follow you, my bird,   I will not follow you. I would not breathe a word, my bird,   To bring thee here anew. I love the free in thee, my bird, ... Celý článek

útržky poezie XI.


Passing Time  Your skin like dawn Mine like musk  One paints the beginning of a certain end.  The other, the end of a sure beginning. Maya Angelou (* 4. 4. 1928; americká básnířka, spisovatelka, producentka a ... Celý článek

útržky poezie X.


As Planned After the first glass of vodka you can accept just about anything of life even your own mysteriousness you think it is nice that a box of matches is purple and brown and is ... Celý článek

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