útržky poezie XIX.


The Interrogation We could have crossed the road but hesitated, And then came the patrol; The leader conscientious and intent, The men surly, indifferent. While we stood by and waited The interrogation began. He says the ... Celý článek

útržky poezie XVIII.


Vater unser Vater unser nimm zurück deinen Namen wir wagen nicht Kinder zu sein Wie mit erstickter Stimme Vater unser sagen Zitronenstern an die Stirn genagelt Lachte irr der Mond Trabant unserer Träume lachte der tote ... Celý článek

útržky poezie XVII.


The Body This last continent Still to be discovered. My hand is dreaming, is building Its ship. For crew it takes A pack of bones, for food A beer-bottle full of blood. It knows the breath ... Celý článek

útržky poezie XVI.


Extract from The Magic Apple Tree In the West, the apple-trees grow under a blue sky. The apple trees founder on their knees in the grass, Toppling with fruit. Apple is round as the round world, ... Celý článek

útržky poezie XV.


Love Fragile as a spider’s web Hanging in space Between tall grasses, It is torn again and again. A passing dog Or simply the wind can do it. Several times a day I gather myself together ... Celý článek

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