links of the week / týdenní žně (04/52)

  • “Books will be so light to hold that the reader can enjoy a small library in a single volume“ said T. A. Edison in 1911 – and predicted e-books.
  • “There is a problem in the assumption that ‘quality’ will always rise to the (economic) top; that the best books will always be the ones that do the best, in the end,” says Dalkey Archive Associate Editor Martin Riker in an interesting interview about literature and translation.
  • Google is discouraging the use of their own translation tool. What’s more, according to Dave Grunwald of GTS, they would not even rank websites translated with Google Translate very high on the search result pages.
  • Professional translators don’t use machine translation engines but if you think your translator is cutting corners, try the Machine Translator Detector.
  • And finally a tip for flaky e-book lovers:

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