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- “I believe that serious professional translators, often in private, think of themselves as writers,” says the American translator Edith Grossman in the book Why Translation Matters based on her lectures;
- the University of Tampere in Finland is offering a free e-book about translation agencies (via @fidusinterpres);
- the Bulgarian translator Anzelina Penceva has been awarded for promoting Czech literature at the 16th Book World Prague 2010 via @MarianDougan and @WordAwareness);
- an interesting article about the legacy of the Central European literature, namely the essayist E.M.Cioran and the Czech author Jaroslav Hašek has been published in New Statesman (via @Transenter)
- a 14min video interview with Dr Jan Culik, Glasgow University, discussing 20th Century Czech literature can be seen and/or downloaded at the HumBox project website;
- a new issue of eXchanges: Journal of Literary Translation is online (via @MAOrthofer and Literary Saloon);

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- something for the rainy days: coffee loving umbrella (though coffee lovers would never go to Starbucks-);
- the breathtaking project The Very Big World of Marius Sachtikus (via @escapeintolife);

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CZECH / a na závěr něco česky:
- konkrétně článek o souvislosti jazyka a hokeje.

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