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- on 10-12 May Prague hosted GALA 2010 “The language of business. The business of language” conference;
- a thoughtful post “Is Machine Translation a Threat to Human Translators” was published at Patenttranslator’s Blog (via @translationguy);
- if you translate subtitles, do take part in the Survey on Subtitling Rates and Working Conditions;
- the post “Audiovisual Translators’ Situation in Finland” might sound familiar even to translators from other countries;
- the Czech translation of Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig is now available for download (PDF – the website);

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- the final Moment in Time mosaic of photography already includes 10,500 pics from all over the world;

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CZECH / a na závěr něco česky:
- “Genesis je velmi darwinovská,” říká Umberto Eco v nové knížce Knih se jen tak nezbavíme (Argo).

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